Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chiney Bumps

Hi Crew,

Last post I talked about Chiney bumps or Bantu knots as they're referred to by most. Well Below you can catch a glimpse of my gy-nor-mous head. I forgot how painstaking they are to do on my own hair. I am particular about parts, I like mines to be super clean and straight. This causes for me putting in a few and having to take them down and re- do them again all because of uneven parts. Anyway for folks that don't know how to do these here's a few quick steps

1. Section of desired size of hair, on my own I like mines to be fairly small, I think it's neater that way, I section off about an inch of hair.
2. COMB THE HAIR! smoothness is a must for this. I pass a tiny rat tail through the section to ensure smoothness.
3. Add your product, I use organic virgin coconut oil, super greasy equals super slippery and shiny for me. ( I Likey)
4. Do a two strand twist all the way to the tip
5. Twirl the twist around itself till it becomes a small circle, continue to wind it around and tuck the end under itself.

NOTE: I'm on a hunt for a new camera, my phone is not cutting it anymore. I promise as soon as I get it. I'll start doing pic tutorials.

6. This is optional, you can add a rubber band for extra security. I use to add a rubber band when my hair was shorter, or when the parts were bigger.

It took me about 2 hours to do only the front section of my head, I was tired and had to be at work for 7 the next day. I didn't bother putting knots in the back. I have the back in 4 big corn braids for now. I might two strand twist the back or put them in small box braids.

Below is one picture, please disregard the weird look on my face and yes I took these in the restroom at work ( who doesn't snap pics of them selves whilst in the restroom at work? you know you do!)

Cold weather is here! I can't stand it, it means that snow is right around the corner ugh. It also mean that I need to stash my fro away. I've been thinking really hard on what I want my protective style to be for these cold months. I've been thinking about some old school Janet Jackson braids, remember the huge ones from poetic justice? What do you all think? Would I be taking it to far back with those?

My eyes are wide shut, keep it movin'


  1. the big Poetic Justice braids would be too cute. I think I'm gonna keep 2 strands and maybe get some kinky's if I can find a reasonable price

  2. When are you going to do a post for us loc'd folks...I am in dire straits over here thinking about dying back to jet black (not sure if I wanna do by myself thats a lot of rinsing) but still need style ideas...

  3. @rj I've been toying with the idea for a minute now. we'll see how it goes lol

    @Butterfly. I Got you homey, I just realized I hardly have pics of my hair when I had locs, but I am def on a hunt for some styles for you.