Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Heart

I am in love with a man that has shown me how to breathe deep. I'm sharing this personal message he sent to me today. I was lost in thought, deep in thought and he pulled me up again.

From My Life ~CantsenMehbac

"Life is a hustle and at times we get so caught up in the rhythm of its movements that we often neglect to stop and show thanks and appreciation to that special ONE among us. The ONE who never ask for a thank you or a favor for a favor. That special person who’s own personal hustle is to see you succeed in life, health and happiness. That ONE whose heart beat for your heart whose mind body and spirit is morphed into ONE with you... You see that special person is so easy to neglect, because that person is YOU! Be thankful to yourself as if you were two in ONE that’s what love, peace and happiness truly is. What a supreme blessing to have in another being another entity. To love and be loved, to encounter as two, only to become ONE. I am all powerful that black mass in space which begot from the nothing to capture and support and be supported by the beautiful balance of warm light that orbits me. The blessed pulchritudinous ( his vocab game is so dope) feminine bright light that has became ONE with me. I need you to smile all day.. The light helps me to keep my vision focused on the ONE ……Peace


  1. Thank you :-) everynow and then I fall back in love again with him.