Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hi Crew,

Recent issues have pulled me away from my blog, I will update at least weekly for now.

I'm excited, I am going to start taking care of hair again- this is something that I love doing, When I was in NY I ran a hair salon . I'm going to start taking care of hair from my home. Note that I did not say "doing hair". We all get our hair done or at some point have gotten it "did". What I am going to do is nurture and care for hair, as in "baby" it. I'm turning the bottom level of my home into a small hair oasis, music, art, food, natural products and my jewelry will find a new home down below.

Now on some real talk, money is tight- so tight that most of the time it has to be squeezed from nowhere. ~ Eh hem ~ mi haffi go rob peter fi pay paul~, that type of ish. I'm aware of it, because I've been through it and go through it from time to time. My prices are going to be half price. Out here in MD sisters are ROBBED and RAPED when it comes to hair, what I'm going to be doing is bringing NY prices out here. Sometimes we may only have twenty dollars, I understand that - I got you lol.

Now my hair,

Y'all know I have itchy fro fingers, I love how my braids look but I love how my fro feels. I'm getting antsy and want to take them out. I'm fighting with myself right now on this because it's getting cold. I have some of the driest hair ever so the cold air is not my hairs friend. My hair is literally shining right now with the amount of oil in it. Know we know that naturally hair has a sheen, my stuff is shiny lol. I washed it last night and stretched it out, I'm going to put micro twists in the front- I need to protect my ends.

Bing's hair grows insanely fast. It's been only about three weeks and she has about a half an inch already, the fuzzy braids are not cute right now. Saturday I'm going to wash her hair and re braid it Sunday.

Ladies, if you are in the DMV area let me know, you will get an extra special discount if you follow me :-)

I get inspired, I have dreams, I follow them - what do you do?

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