Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thoughts and Photos

Hi Crew,

I think that there's comes a point where you are either satisfied or unsatisfied with you.
You take a step back and look at your self. I do this often, this is what I call " Revisiting your blueprint". As I said before I am business owner of two companies. A party entertainment company Bobs Bounce N Play and Panama's Flavor Foods. There is such a pull in me to be financially independent of my 9-5 but life is life and we all know about bills. Have you ever wanted something so bad that it hurts you not to have it? It could be a lost love, a new car, your degree- that expensive as heck Remy hair? Whatever it is, hopefully y'all know the feeling that I am talking about. This is how I feel about my company's. I want them to grow bigger better, I want to be able to say I'm not coming into the office today, kids pack your stuff we're going back home for a month. This is what is pushing me to keep going. I will have those 15 minutes of fame.


so below are my latest hair pics, at this point I haven't gotten the knack of labeling the pics so they are all down below roaming freely. I did a twist n curl(Shout out to on the bang in front. I loved the way it came out. I parted them and greazed my scalp with natures blessing hair pomade, it is all natural- everything in the ingrediant list is in my cabinet. I applied castor oil and then cantu shea butter~ note~ I am not a huge huge fan of cantu but I make it work. Once everything was all twisted down I applied a perm rod at the end, fluffed it and kept it moving. Ladies what do you think?

Next week well be having a guest blogger. I told her to feel free with whatever she writes.

Keep at it, keep at it, you're almost there.

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