Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hair, Aphogee and TMI

Hi Crew,

For the faint of heart or those who do not do well with visuals, this post is not for you.

I noticed a bit of shedding going on with my hair and split ends as I mentioned before. Sooo I decided it was time for a protein treatment. Aphogee 2 step treatment is a complete different machine than the 2 minute re constructor treatment that has a permanent home in my shower. The thang is runny! like strait water! I expected to have the product drip slowly into my hand, instead it ran through my fingertips on first squirt.... I should have known , gawd I should have known. Well anyway I normally do my hair nude, I find myself jumping in and out of the shower for conditioning and what not - so why not do the treatment in my birthday suit I said to myself.

Below are the top reasons not to do aphogee treatments nekkid

* It runs!, running protein that coagulates down your face is not fun- you get this insta-mask that needs to be scrubbed off with soap

*Pubic hair! I am a thick girl which mean that my "triangle" sits quite comfortably between my full thighs, I am not a fan of the bare look- in other words, the liquid fused my hair to my thighs (TMI lol)

* I have tattoos! My tattoos started to itch uncontrollably. man that was torture

* Did I mention that the stuff runs? I did right? Let me add that it leaves a sticky trail were ever it goes and makes an effort to fuse your skin to anything else it touches including other body parts.

Well. After letting it dry most of the way, I deep conditioned with Aubrey Organics, White Camellia, I absolutely adore these conditioners. They are fairly inexpensive and work wonders on kinks.

I have my drying plaits in right now, you know which ones I'm talking about right. 6 or so unruly braids or twists that go whichever way their heart desires? These are about done drying so I'm going to undo each run Castor oil though and re braid in about 6 cornrows going back.

I'm undecided on how to style my hair right now, I haven't done Chiney bumbs in a while, I think I'll try that.

I'm a busy busy bee


  1. oh lawd, the visuals had me cracking up! I cannot imagine a product that will make me stick to myself. I hope your hair got what it needed despite the ordeal, lol

  2. @rjdorsey - Girl Yes! lol. I felt like double sided tape! . ugh, I hate protein treatments I swear lol