Saturday, November 28, 2009

Random Thoughts


This particular post will not be focused on hair, it will be a collective set of thoughts, desires, dislikes that's been drumming around in my head.


All these pretty things, the earth, the sky, people, my kids, love- I need a camera asap. I'm on a budget, I want a digital camera but with good optical zoom, I do not want to spend over 150 on it, is this possible?

I miss being near my "artsy fartsy" crew AKA easy access to photographers. I've been wanting for a long time to take shots of myself in various lights, settings , eh hem nekkid .

Truth be told, I have yet to find someone out here in this area that I think is capable of doing this. There is such a strong difference between taking a picture while holding your breasts and looking like you lost your clothes, versus having a moment when the the sunlight is your only clothing and it is captured, y'all feel me on this one?


My gawd, In a previous post you will find pics of a recent outing that I went to. I promise I will never ever ever find myself at BWX again. I consider myself to be fluent in all music, While I am drawn more to B side artists like, Van Hunt, Georgia Ann, N'dembi, Keite Bilal, Raphael E. Badu her sis UDAB, Max trust and believe I still can spin a Jay track and play Wu-tang at least once a week.


You should have seen the look on my face when the one of the DJ's from 92.3 really put that sh*t on. You should have seen the look on my face when everyone including one of my Aces through her hands in the air. The dumming down of Black America is for sure partially due to the crap that artists put out and the fact that it is on heavy rotation.

"What if there were no niggers only Master Teachers, I stay woke"

I'm turning 29 in December, I'm not old. I am cultured and fine tuned, I have a deep appreciation for knowledge, thirst, and rhythmic vibes and words so deep that it is felt in your core.


I saw New moon last night, why not just give the werewolf some standard tracks? Did he really need a full lace front?

Lace fronts look like Lace Fronts, that is my word ~ unless you have Bey money, don't think it's ok to throw one on haphazardly. These wigs which at one point were fly and tastefully done are now everywhere on sale and clearance causing a disturbing rise in the tackiness floating around in the streets.

Remember you should not see the lace on the wig itself. smh

My grandmother wants one. I know she would be able to pull it off, she is a graceful badd ass Jamaican woman, that prides herself on every small detail. I'll get her one for Christmas.


Winter is approaching, this is no excuse. Should I complain? or do something about it? I am fairly active and am in good health, I say this because I can run for an hour straight easily, but still I think 215 sounds so much better that 229. I'm 5ft 10 inches, I'm a big girl I like being thick but am trying to get away from the back fat.

My back should not frown or smile depending on what type of movement I make. I need to step my game up hard. First step is processed sugar, I am going to remove at least 85% of this from my diet. Sounds easy right? not at all. Processed sugar is in so many things. 100% fruit juice, packaged oatmeal, bread, yogurt, store brought vege foods. I know this but continue to put it in my body? Why Aye why? Human nature I guess? I have will power like none you've ever seen, why am I not using it?

The template on my blog

Good lord, it looks so dry compared to all these other ones that I visit. At this point I am still not able to upload pics the way I want to. I am not a computer person so to speak. I get on, do what I have to do and keep moving, my time is so short, I allow myself only about two hours on the computer every few days. I look at templates, gadgets, widgets, HTML, codes, java, and then just end up saying bump this. One day I promise I will make the blog more eye appealing but for know this is all I got.

On my way, I'll see you soon


Monday, November 23, 2009

Man O' Man..


Two weeks? seriously?. Sheeeeet man time flies. I say " Ok I will post tomorrow" then realize tomorrow never comes. I have been wrapped up like crazy, between my normal 9-5, home, kids, and business. I honestly have been super busy. Please forgive me once again.

Me and Taya, I heart her

My hair was was in desperate need of a trim. My split ends became split middles ( not good at all), I did a mini trim, instead of parting my hair in small sections and then doing a twist and trim, I made about 15 or so twists in my hair and trimmed about 3/4 of an inch off. Ladies my personal experience has lead me to believe that kinky curly hair like mine will never be rid of all split ends at once unless me hair is straightened and then trimmed. I've stopped worrying over the idea of having a completely split free fro' .. None the less, it does feel so much better. Thank God I am not a length obsessed person- I want health more than anything. Below see pics of my split ends.

Split Ends


After twisting up her locs with my Shea coco mix and a touch of Barry Fletcher's Herbal twist putty and letting them dry under the dryer, I went to work and gave her a twisted rolled pony tail of sorts. She came back the next week and I gave her another updo.

Side of last week's loc updo

My home girl actually asked me if my fro was a weave lol

This weeks loc updo

Two strand twist updo

I just liked this tree

The front of this weeks loc updo, (isn't she pretty :-) )

As I've said before I'm concentrating on keeping my fro under wraps, well not literally under a wrap but keeping my hair ends as protected as possible. The only time I will have my hair out is on special occasions, i.e - da' club, Raphael's show my birthday 6Th or Bilal's show on Dec 4the ( happy dance). Asides from that I'm going to keep my hair in twists and pinned up. At night I've been Bagging my hair, I think this is like the best thing since tofu for my kinks. moisture retention is a big issue for me. I re twisted my hair yesterday and will keep these in for the next two weeks.

So what's been going on with everyone? How has life been?

I am literally being kicked off the computer right now. Today is Mister's birthday, we just came back from the movies , we went to see the 4Th kind.. I loved it, it was perfect. Please go see it.
Stay Solid,

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Again

Hi Crew,
My gosh time flies, I am sitting here in utter dis belief at the fact that tomorrow is Monday. I feel like time has been sped up or is it that I've just grown up and now value my time so much more than I did when I was younger.

Well today as we know is hair day in my home, I did Lil Bit's hair this morning, nothing fancy at all just a few cornrows to get me through the next two weeks. Her hair was washed earlier this week. I did a quick detangle and spread a mix I whipped up last night, Shea butter, Castor oil and coconut oil. Bing's hair was also washed earlier this week, for her I plan on two simple french braids for the next week.

I also restyled my own hair, I saw a style over at that I fell in love with. See the pics below.

I've been doing some serious thinking lately on plans for the next year. I want to set some achievable goals. Hmm.

Crew, I've been contemplating doing a post on Body Image. This is a super sensitive subject for most women, If I do decide to do this post I would want it to be a celebration of our bodies, flaws and all. I would be exposing bits of myself to sort of "rebuild" myself ( does that make sense?) .

Everyone, Every single one of my crew, I need your opinion on this. Is this a post worth visiting? or has it been touched to much?

I'm trying to make my kids proud of me

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


"Love God and your children, Learn everybody else."

My brother ..Adawanyeh

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Thoughts

Hi Crew,

I hope all is well, with everyone. I want to give a major shout out to all those who took time to hit the follow button on my blog. With the amount of bloggers and information available to us all. I feel so special to know that there are a few set of folks who have no problem with returning to this little section of the web called Thick N Curly.

I get amped when I click on my followers and see my "crew". We all share so many things in common, in particular one HAIR!. We all want to see it flourish, grow, look purdy and are attempting to take the best possible care of it as we can.

So go head and pat yourself on the back for taking a step in the right direction. No one knows it all when it come to hair, no one, but we each know something and combined we can form the ultimate machine! I am convinced. Ladies share your input with me, don't be stingy .. gimme that sweet stuff lol. ( I've been watching Maxwell a lot on you tube- Taya I'm still peeved with you for not taking me! lol it's all good ur my sis for life) . I love hair, weaves , braids, presses- but I am particularly fond of my natural kinks.

Today I was contacted by a lovely sister who has decided to leap into the freedom of kinks. Everyone applaud home girl!

I want to talk about transitioning a bit. Now we all know the type of impact of hair has on our lives right. I'm listing some of the most known phrases I've used when it comes to my hair and how it's afflicted me. Please comment and add your own phrases.

* Stop playing with the water, I just did my hair

* Hold on baby, let me tie my hair down first ( y'all know what I'm talking about)

* I'll go with you to the beach, but I am NOT getting in that water

* Alright I'll get in the water but I'm not letting it go over my ankles

* I am not going to the gym, I just got my hair done

Ok, now this list can go on and on, but I'm cutting it short. I need to stay on track with this.

Now for the sisters who are taking the jump into Natural hair, it is not always an easy thing to do. Many of us had no idea what the texture of it is, how to comb it style it and most importantly take care of it. Now combine all of that with FOLKS! Family, friends, people on the street.

Lord help you when Auntie Grace sees your kitchen and it's not pin straight. God Forbid Cece catch you with a little bit of new growth. Better yet homeboy that stays in front of the store and notice your edges looking a bit ruff. These are not easily thwarted comments, some of them may cause an automatic neck movement with an eye roll. Support is so important at this stage, the goal of beautiful natural hair must be remembered.

Transitioning Ladies,

Stay moisturized, you will notice such a difference in the two textures and you natural growth will feel super dry compared to the rest of your hair. If you're a 4 c like me keep the heavy fatty oils on hand. Castor oil, Shea butter- the yellow kind, coconut oil, stay in my hair. For me personally the light oils do nothing.

Keep your hands out of it! I have serious hand in fro disease, so I know how hard it is. Trust me less manipulation at this point is the best for retaining length.

No Heat or low heat. Don't worry about the difference in texture! be proud of those kinks, waves, naps.

Ok. Crew I have to jet - Bings hair is calling me, and I have to cook

Raphael Saadiq will be at RamsHead in Baltimore for my Birthday!