Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hair Complaints and Hopes

Hi Crew,

In an earlier post, you heard me complaining of my split ends having splits ends. Seriously this is terrible. In an attempt to avoid another big chop, I stepped up my moisturizing, protecting and deep conditioning. Almost every strand that I plucked from my end had a frayed end or that bubble that tells you that drama is on the way. Some of those already split ends had the nerve to be split! How dare they! Do they not know who I be?. Or maybe it is I who has underestimated the power of hair manipulation. Maybe I took my natural kinks for granted- figuring that I had the toughest of the tough when it came to hair? I do not! my babies, scream and cry when I put anything near them. I will be a good mum and listen to them. I am going to put my protective routine on big time.

Well last night I took out the braids I had in my hair and Benzski looks at my fro, twists up her face and says" why your hair looks so short?" I gave her the worst screw face possible and said " What u mean?" She tells me that my ends need to be trimmed. First of all how in the world could she look at my fro and think anything imperfect of it? Then I realized, my baby sis is about the quickest person when it comes to hair, her looking at hair is like my mum looking at me if I try to lie- she can see straight through it. Well she is natural as well, but at this point rocking her "pole" hair- ( yall get with my language).

So last night I put the elasta QP deep moisturizing conditioner in my hair, put my bag on my head and slept in it,

Guess what...

I woke up to the toughest roughest hair ever!!
This is not what I expected, it's all good though. I put some Aussie Moist in it and am now sitting here writting this post. I will update you all tomorow on the outcome of my hair. I have to go pick up a cello case for Bing.

Check out the pics below of my do before I undid it.

Drink something Green in the morning, I have kale, cucumber, celery and chlorophyll,


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