Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chiney Bumps

Hi Crew,

Last post I talked about Chiney bumps or Bantu knots as they're referred to by most. Well Below you can catch a glimpse of my gy-nor-mous head. I forgot how painstaking they are to do on my own hair. I am particular about parts, I like mines to be super clean and straight. This causes for me putting in a few and having to take them down and re- do them again all because of uneven parts. Anyway for folks that don't know how to do these here's a few quick steps

1. Section of desired size of hair, on my own I like mines to be fairly small, I think it's neater that way, I section off about an inch of hair.
2. COMB THE HAIR! smoothness is a must for this. I pass a tiny rat tail through the section to ensure smoothness.
3. Add your product, I use organic virgin coconut oil, super greasy equals super slippery and shiny for me. ( I Likey)
4. Do a two strand twist all the way to the tip
5. Twirl the twist around itself till it becomes a small circle, continue to wind it around and tuck the end under itself.

NOTE: I'm on a hunt for a new camera, my phone is not cutting it anymore. I promise as soon as I get it. I'll start doing pic tutorials.

6. This is optional, you can add a rubber band for extra security. I use to add a rubber band when my hair was shorter, or when the parts were bigger.

It took me about 2 hours to do only the front section of my head, I was tired and had to be at work for 7 the next day. I didn't bother putting knots in the back. I have the back in 4 big corn braids for now. I might two strand twist the back or put them in small box braids.

Below is one picture, please disregard the weird look on my face and yes I took these in the restroom at work ( who doesn't snap pics of them selves whilst in the restroom at work? you know you do!)

Cold weather is here! I can't stand it, it means that snow is right around the corner ugh. It also mean that I need to stash my fro away. I've been thinking really hard on what I want my protective style to be for these cold months. I've been thinking about some old school Janet Jackson braids, remember the huge ones from poetic justice? What do you all think? Would I be taking it to far back with those?

My eyes are wide shut, keep it movin'

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hair, Aphogee and TMI

Hi Crew,

For the faint of heart or those who do not do well with visuals, this post is not for you.

I noticed a bit of shedding going on with my hair and split ends as I mentioned before. Sooo I decided it was time for a protein treatment. Aphogee 2 step treatment is a complete different machine than the 2 minute re constructor treatment that has a permanent home in my shower. The thang is runny! like strait water! I expected to have the product drip slowly into my hand, instead it ran through my fingertips on first squirt.... I should have known , gawd I should have known. Well anyway I normally do my hair nude, I find myself jumping in and out of the shower for conditioning and what not - so why not do the treatment in my birthday suit I said to myself.

Below are the top reasons not to do aphogee treatments nekkid

* It runs!, running protein that coagulates down your face is not fun- you get this insta-mask that needs to be scrubbed off with soap

*Pubic hair! I am a thick girl which mean that my "triangle" sits quite comfortably between my full thighs, I am not a fan of the bare look- in other words, the liquid fused my hair to my thighs (TMI lol)

* I have tattoos! My tattoos started to itch uncontrollably. man that was torture

* Did I mention that the stuff runs? I did right? Let me add that it leaves a sticky trail were ever it goes and makes an effort to fuse your skin to anything else it touches including other body parts.

Well. After letting it dry most of the way, I deep conditioned with Aubrey Organics, White Camellia, I absolutely adore these conditioners. They are fairly inexpensive and work wonders on kinks.

I have my drying plaits in right now, you know which ones I'm talking about right. 6 or so unruly braids or twists that go whichever way their heart desires? These are about done drying so I'm going to undo each run Castor oil though and re braid in about 6 cornrows going back.

I'm undecided on how to style my hair right now, I haven't done Chiney bumbs in a while, I think I'll try that.

I'm a busy busy bee

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Heart

I am in love with a man that has shown me how to breathe deep. I'm sharing this personal message he sent to me today. I was lost in thought, deep in thought and he pulled me up again.

From My Life ~CantsenMehbac

"Life is a hustle and at times we get so caught up in the rhythm of its movements that we often neglect to stop and show thanks and appreciation to that special ONE among us. The ONE who never ask for a thank you or a favor for a favor. That special person who’s own personal hustle is to see you succeed in life, health and happiness. That ONE whose heart beat for your heart whose mind body and spirit is morphed into ONE with you... You see that special person is so easy to neglect, because that person is YOU! Be thankful to yourself as if you were two in ONE that’s what love, peace and happiness truly is. What a supreme blessing to have in another being another entity. To love and be loved, to encounter as two, only to become ONE. I am all powerful that black mass in space which begot from the nothing to capture and support and be supported by the beautiful balance of warm light that orbits me. The blessed pulchritudinous ( his vocab game is so dope) feminine bright light that has became ONE with me. I need you to smile all day.. The light helps me to keep my vision focused on the ONE ……Peace

To Give Or Not To Give


As promised, today's posting will be my fellow yellow sister Toya from Enjoy, I know I did .. kinda had me scratching my head and feeling away..

Ok Ladies and Gents…this one is for those of you in or considering a relationship (and by considering take it however you want lol).

What is compromising and what is settling? The specific subject…your beliefs. So I am dating and considering where this will lead. Now I am not by far your typical female…I respect my mind and I believe you should as well. Some may call it stubborn, strong-willed, or bull-headed but I like to think I am just very passionate lol. So any man that dares to step up to the plate has to be VERY self confident (matter of fact, I like em a little cocky). Keep this in mind as I unfold the question.

I grew up watching grandparents that worked to build a mini fortune and now in their elderly years are being sucked dried by leeches. My grandmother has a 6th grade education and owns an apartment building, 2 rental properties, and personal property worth more than $750,000 as we speak. She has never owed anyone anything and now that she is older my uncle has taken residence with her and has her in so much debt (hundreds of thousands) that it is affecting her health. On the other side my mother has always been a hard worker and done whatever she could to give her children better than she had. She learned lessons late in life that I am blessed to have received early enough to implement a generational change. She is constantly working to others benefit. My mother works two jobs to be able to get the things that she likes but never takes time to enjoy them. She works around the clock and as if she didn’t the world would stop without her constant diligence. Occasionally, she can be talked into slowing down to “smell the roses” but it has to be well planned and well in advance. More times than not her personal time is spent doing for others.

Then there is me. I feel like life is not guaranteed. You work hard and you should enjoy it along the way. I feel like you need to give back from your blessings and be a blessing to someone else. You save (like my grandmother) so you have something for your future. You work hard (like my mother) and take care of your business and help others when you can. You also spend a little along the way and “smell the roses” along the way. What good is it all if you wait until you are elderly to enjoy your labor? Who is to say that you even make it to tomorrow? The guy in my life right now feels differently. You don’t spend (unless you have a serious savings e.g. $25,000 for every $1,000 you plan to spend), you chose quantity over quality, and you only give to the extent that it doesn’t take away from your savings or potential savings. You do not give 10% of your gross to the church because it is only going into the pastor’s pocket (or someone else’s in the church) and they are not going to help you when you need it. If you had the choice to take 2 weeks off (securing your job in your absence) and your every want was going to be supplied during the trip (spending money included) but you had to pay for the plane ticket- you pick the Virgin Islands for $1,000 instead of Egypt for $3,000 (based on cost only).
What’s the problem you ask? How much do you bend before its considered settling? Am I just stubborn in my ways in thinking that it’s not going to last for us because we have such different beliefs and ways of thinking? Is it going to be an argument every time that I want to splurge (I’m talking every 6 months not weekly or monthly)? Am I going to grow to resent him for not allowing me to enjoy life the way I see fit? What do you say…how much do you bend before you are letting go of yourself? …and when are you just being stubborn?

Saturday, October 17, 2009



On Thursday I planned an impromptu birthday party for my mum that is taking place today. This ish is now joke trying to organize, . She took the kids to see that insane meatballs movie. It's over in like 45 minutes though, Fish is fried eschovith sauce is sitting , rice and peas are in motion, and potatoes are boiling. Why am I updating my blog right now?? Cause I have 11 followers and I'm amped! Thank you so much for visiting and subscribing :-). OK well I have to jet know,I'm going uptown to get my other mum, I have not put a comb in my bang in two days, I haven't covered in while in the shower like I normally do, guess what, I LOVE IT!! it coiled up on itself,, and no one canyt tell me nuffin!.

ok, Ill try to re post in a bit,

It's raining out here and its beautiful

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Please check out this post


I've been trying to cut and copy a post I did over at . Of course it's not working, I mean why would it? I live be the " why not me credo" lol. It's all good though. Don't forget we're having a guest blogger this week.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hi Crew,

Recent issues have pulled me away from my blog, I will update at least weekly for now.

I'm excited, I am going to start taking care of hair again- this is something that I love doing, When I was in NY I ran a hair salon . I'm going to start taking care of hair from my home. Note that I did not say "doing hair". We all get our hair done or at some point have gotten it "did". What I am going to do is nurture and care for hair, as in "baby" it. I'm turning the bottom level of my home into a small hair oasis, music, art, food, natural products and my jewelry will find a new home down below.

Now on some real talk, money is tight- so tight that most of the time it has to be squeezed from nowhere. ~ Eh hem ~ mi haffi go rob peter fi pay paul~, that type of ish. I'm aware of it, because I've been through it and go through it from time to time. My prices are going to be half price. Out here in MD sisters are ROBBED and RAPED when it comes to hair, what I'm going to be doing is bringing NY prices out here. Sometimes we may only have twenty dollars, I understand that - I got you lol.

Now my hair,

Y'all know I have itchy fro fingers, I love how my braids look but I love how my fro feels. I'm getting antsy and want to take them out. I'm fighting with myself right now on this because it's getting cold. I have some of the driest hair ever so the cold air is not my hairs friend. My hair is literally shining right now with the amount of oil in it. Know we know that naturally hair has a sheen, my stuff is shiny lol. I washed it last night and stretched it out, I'm going to put micro twists in the front- I need to protect my ends.

Bing's hair grows insanely fast. It's been only about three weeks and she has about a half an inch already, the fuzzy braids are not cute right now. Saturday I'm going to wash her hair and re braid it Sunday.

Ladies, if you are in the DMV area let me know, you will get an extra special discount if you follow me :-)

I get inspired, I have dreams, I follow them - what do you do?

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I've been thinking of doing a you tube natural hair journey, let me know your thoughts

Thoughts and Photos

Hi Crew,

I think that there's comes a point where you are either satisfied or unsatisfied with you.
You take a step back and look at your self. I do this often, this is what I call " Revisiting your blueprint". As I said before I am business owner of two companies. A party entertainment company Bobs Bounce N Play and Panama's Flavor Foods. There is such a pull in me to be financially independent of my 9-5 but life is life and we all know about bills. Have you ever wanted something so bad that it hurts you not to have it? It could be a lost love, a new car, your degree- that expensive as heck Remy hair? Whatever it is, hopefully y'all know the feeling that I am talking about. This is how I feel about my company's. I want them to grow bigger better, I want to be able to say I'm not coming into the office today, kids pack your stuff we're going back home for a month. This is what is pushing me to keep going. I will have those 15 minutes of fame.


so below are my latest hair pics, at this point I haven't gotten the knack of labeling the pics so they are all down below roaming freely. I did a twist n curl(Shout out to on the bang in front. I loved the way it came out. I parted them and greazed my scalp with natures blessing hair pomade, it is all natural- everything in the ingrediant list is in my cabinet. I applied castor oil and then cantu shea butter~ note~ I am not a huge huge fan of cantu but I make it work. Once everything was all twisted down I applied a perm rod at the end, fluffed it and kept it moving. Ladies what do you think?

Next week well be having a guest blogger. I told her to feel free with whatever she writes.

Keep at it, keep at it, you're almost there.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hair Complaints and Hopes

Hi Crew,

In an earlier post, you heard me complaining of my split ends having splits ends. Seriously this is terrible. In an attempt to avoid another big chop, I stepped up my moisturizing, protecting and deep conditioning. Almost every strand that I plucked from my end had a frayed end or that bubble that tells you that drama is on the way. Some of those already split ends had the nerve to be split! How dare they! Do they not know who I be?. Or maybe it is I who has underestimated the power of hair manipulation. Maybe I took my natural kinks for granted- figuring that I had the toughest of the tough when it came to hair? I do not! my babies, scream and cry when I put anything near them. I will be a good mum and listen to them. I am going to put my protective routine on big time.

Well last night I took out the braids I had in my hair and Benzski looks at my fro, twists up her face and says" why your hair looks so short?" I gave her the worst screw face possible and said " What u mean?" She tells me that my ends need to be trimmed. First of all how in the world could she look at my fro and think anything imperfect of it? Then I realized, my baby sis is about the quickest person when it comes to hair, her looking at hair is like my mum looking at me if I try to lie- she can see straight through it. Well she is natural as well, but at this point rocking her "pole" hair- ( yall get with my language).

So last night I put the elasta QP deep moisturizing conditioner in my hair, put my bag on my head and slept in it,

Guess what...

I woke up to the toughest roughest hair ever!!
This is not what I expected, it's all good though. I put some Aussie Moist in it and am now sitting here writting this post. I will update you all tomorow on the outcome of my hair. I have to go pick up a cello case for Bing.

Check out the pics below of my do before I undid it.

Drink something Green in the morning, I have kale, cucumber, celery and chlorophyll,