Monday, January 18, 2010

Pre Launch Contest On Twitter

Hi Crew,

Today I took it to the tweets ( bwahahaha lol). Ok I know it was a bit corny, but y'all probably laughed none the less.(winks). As you all know I will be launching my natural hair care line very soon. It is still in the shopp being detailed and of course legalities being ironed out. In the mean time I threw a very quick giveaway up on my twitter. The first 5 who followed me on twitter and followed my blog and then let me know would be getting a sample of my Product. I have two scents that they will be able to choose from. I'm not revealing too much right now as it is still pre launch. I'll officially announcing the winners tomorrow and will send out the samples on Friday. Everyone thank you for all of your support and stay tuned.

Let YO FRO GLow Yall!!

Below are some pics of my hair and Mister' hair with the product in it.

My Hair twisted with my product, it is so shiny and moisturized

The back of my hair, I took out two of the twists later that night, look at how much definition I have after a few hours of being in the twists!

Now Here is Mister's Hair, obviously his texture is way different from mine,he's a 3 something or another - I thought it would be a good comparison none the less, and beside that's what partner's are for :-)

Before Product - DRY!! No Shine, NO CURL

After product.. STRAIGHT SHEENIN!!CUrly- wow

Please understand that I am a perfectionist when it comes to things that I put my name on :-). I am designing a product that is natural for natural heads and great for the body as well as the hair. I do not believe in over charging for products and am in process of finding ways to bring costs down so that my crew can enjoy a quality product at a REAL price.

I see yall, stay Fly


  1. your hair is beautiful gurl--i love how it shines and glows--and the twists are so adorable--you jave the face for any style---love ya much--remain blessed!

  2. I'm so proud of u sis.... your hair looks wonderful an healthy.... let me know when u launch ur line so I can purchase some to assist on my natural journey... love ya... hug urself from me

  3. I heart your twist up-dos! I'm gonna get that style down if it kills me...and it just might, knowing my hands. UGH!
    Can't wait for your products to emerge on the scene. Pls keep your followers informed. We MUST support one another. Go gurl!

  4. @ Ess... IYEAH lol! Kachow tia Owww weee!Lov u more

    @keya.. I hugged myself.. my big ole self. Smile slim. I got u

    @Ms. Princess- welcome to the Free world bwahahaha all sisters are adored and informed :-) thank you for moving in