Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mama Hoy

In light of the devestation that has happened to Haiti, I can not speak about anything right now except for Haiti.

First off, If you can not donate money, please raise your voice, research Haiti's history, their plight, their strength. Find out about the injustice that this country has had to suffer for so long and speak about it.

My Belly dance teacher Dr. Sunyatta Amen has offered an incredible exchange. When you donate to she will match the donation in classes offered at her studio

Mama Ay,
Your womb has shifted bleeding and torn,
You cry, I cry with you while your children have been ripped.
I hurt for you, My brother's, sister's, family are in pain. I can not touch them, I want to hold them and dig through the rubble with my bare hands. I hear them screaming and crying but I can not get to them.
Mama there is so much blood so much tears, My heart is heavy and my stomach turns.

How can we be strong? How ?How can you be strong your neck and shoulders are sore already from carrying so much?

Eh? You must be though, you have no choice. Mama I will pray and pray , I will close my eyes and squeeze them while I hold myself and rock back and forth, I will cry and shake - but I will soon smile again. You will be whole again soon. soon. Libation is set on my table for my ancestors, and now my brothers and sisters.

I promise I will not forget Mama. I promise that I will not let this leave my mind. It is embedded in my heart always. You are torn now but you will heal.

AYITI, I love you

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