Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Again

Hi Crew,
My gosh time flies, I am sitting here in utter dis belief at the fact that tomorrow is Monday. I feel like time has been sped up or is it that I've just grown up and now value my time so much more than I did when I was younger.

Well today as we know is hair day in my home, I did Lil Bit's hair this morning, nothing fancy at all just a few cornrows to get me through the next two weeks. Her hair was washed earlier this week. I did a quick detangle and spread a mix I whipped up last night, Shea butter, Castor oil and coconut oil. Bing's hair was also washed earlier this week, for her I plan on two simple french braids for the next week.

I also restyled my own hair, I saw a style over at that I fell in love with. See the pics below.

I've been doing some serious thinking lately on plans for the next year. I want to set some achievable goals. Hmm.

Crew, I've been contemplating doing a post on Body Image. This is a super sensitive subject for most women, If I do decide to do this post I would want it to be a celebration of our bodies, flaws and all. I would be exposing bits of myself to sort of "rebuild" myself ( does that make sense?) .

Everyone, Every single one of my crew, I need your opinion on this. Is this a post worth visiting? or has it been touched to much?

I'm trying to make my kids proud of me


  1. you are so beautiful--love your smile--i'm on my way to mix my hair concoction too--have to get ready for the winter hair protection plan--i'm also in the process of exercising again--i'm up to 230lbs and need to get it off of my 5'3 frame--not good for my knees at all--you keep up the good work huney--WE CAN DO IT!--auntee ess is proud of you---remain blessed!

  2. Ok, so you are really inspiring me to get on my hair game. I think I may try something similar with my locs. Body image is always a great subject for much tearing down of our self image period. Dont think it can be overdone especially since some of our girls have issues that go un-addressed b/c the stereotype is that only girls of non ethnic backgrounds have body and eating issues.

  3. @essence vibez..Tia you are always so kind with your wordz.. I feel you..This winter weight is not even cute, bad enough it's not even winter lol. YES WE CAN

    @Butterfly- that's right step your game up!! All that hair lol. I have been thinking hard about that post. It's crazy how I may see something completly different in the mirror than what someone else may see. It would be great if you could chime in on it.

  4. The body image post is always worth while. We'll see how cute I feel in March after I have baby girl, I'm sure I'll be ready to get all on my 'get tight for summer' plan

  5. that looks so beautiful. can't wait to be able to do stuff like that with my hair.

  6. @rj, congrats!!! that post will take a lot of effort on my behalf, While I am ok with my body, a lot of folks arent comfy w imperfect bodies and take it upon themselves to crack jokes and blog about it lol. my pics aren't watermarked so I'd leave myself suseptible to all types of nasties lol

    @ abena why cant you do it now?