Monday, November 23, 2009

Man O' Man..


Two weeks? seriously?. Sheeeeet man time flies. I say " Ok I will post tomorrow" then realize tomorrow never comes. I have been wrapped up like crazy, between my normal 9-5, home, kids, and business. I honestly have been super busy. Please forgive me once again.

Me and Taya, I heart her

My hair was was in desperate need of a trim. My split ends became split middles ( not good at all), I did a mini trim, instead of parting my hair in small sections and then doing a twist and trim, I made about 15 or so twists in my hair and trimmed about 3/4 of an inch off. Ladies my personal experience has lead me to believe that kinky curly hair like mine will never be rid of all split ends at once unless me hair is straightened and then trimmed. I've stopped worrying over the idea of having a completely split free fro' .. None the less, it does feel so much better. Thank God I am not a length obsessed person- I want health more than anything. Below see pics of my split ends.

Split Ends


After twisting up her locs with my Shea coco mix and a touch of Barry Fletcher's Herbal twist putty and letting them dry under the dryer, I went to work and gave her a twisted rolled pony tail of sorts. She came back the next week and I gave her another updo.

Side of last week's loc updo

My home girl actually asked me if my fro was a weave lol

This weeks loc updo

Two strand twist updo

I just liked this tree

The front of this weeks loc updo, (isn't she pretty :-) )

As I've said before I'm concentrating on keeping my fro under wraps, well not literally under a wrap but keeping my hair ends as protected as possible. The only time I will have my hair out is on special occasions, i.e - da' club, Raphael's show my birthday 6Th or Bilal's show on Dec 4the ( happy dance). Asides from that I'm going to keep my hair in twists and pinned up. At night I've been Bagging my hair, I think this is like the best thing since tofu for my kinks. moisture retention is a big issue for me. I re twisted my hair yesterday and will keep these in for the next two weeks.

So what's been going on with everyone? How has life been?

I am literally being kicked off the computer right now. Today is Mister's birthday, we just came back from the movies , we went to see the 4Th kind.. I loved it, it was perfect. Please go see it.
Stay Solid,


  1. {looking at split ends in tha sink}--not bad--I'm not a length worrier either--I'm not wasting my energy on something i have no control over--so i embrace what i have at the moment--which i see you are the same way--the pictures are fantastik!--and whats funny is, i'm beginning to think me and you are totally vibin' in this lifetime because i too, have a favorite tree--need to take a picture of it--and show you--but you keep on keepin' on lil' sistah--and happy early b'day to your angels--keep me posted!---email me sometimes sugah'--love ya--emBRACE life!!

  2. I was just looking at your pics and thinking the same thing!! One of my good friends is out in Ohio, I need to make my way out there soon. embrace life is the truth for real..