Saturday, September 19, 2009

Welcome To My Mind

My name is Aye, I like many have taken it upon myself to provide the world with daily doses of my thoughts, confessions, frustrations, must have's, must nots. I am married mom of 6 super great kids. I named this Blog Thick N Curly for the most obvious reasons, I have a bad ass fro and am an official " thick gurrl" ( meaning your top or bottom must extend further than the middle lol).

NOTE: For all those who may be discouraged by a curse, Pro-Blackness, Feminisim, PRESIDENT Obama, Consipiracy Theories, Not eating pork, A dislike for HOOD novels, real deal talk, TMI, stretchmarks, csection scars, vericose veins, flatulence, Black People, White people, Gray people, gold teeth, West Indian culture, sometimes saying F the spell check, those who go against the machine, then I suggest you don't read this blog. I am a real woman who lives a real life. There will be nothing sugar coated here. You will get the good with the bad, hopefully more good than bad of course.

Thank you for visiting, please feel free to browse to your hearts content and leave messages, I am open to all comments as long as they are not rude or dispresctful.

Freedom for All,



  1. Girl your hair is amazing and your daughters are gorgeous with all that beautiful hair!!! Love all the things mentioned in your note so you have a reader in me!

  2. @N.S.F--- GIRL THANK U! lol- I wish there was a way that I could see all me comments instead of having to scroll through this big lol. Make sure when you come back to my crib, you get comfy and clik the follow button :-). I can only be me, SO I appreaciate you appreaciating me. Stay Fly PYT.