Monday, September 21, 2009

A few random things and of course HAIR!

Hello Crew,

I finished Bings hair last night... and lil bits :-) I am proud of myself. This is no task easily accomplished not to mention I spent the entire day doing it. Quick breakdown of Bings hair

  • Detangled prior to washing, 6 big braids
    diluted castille soap, scrubbing the scalp, she had a bad dandruff buildup as it been about a month since her last wash.

  • I rinsed out each section and applied a quick 2 minute aphogee treatment to each braid, actually it was more like 7 minutes, then I put a generous amount of Aussie in each braid. I mushed it and mushed it through then rinsed each braid out and combed it again under the running water.

  • I blowdried each section on a medium heat, took a deep breath and then started to braid.

Ok cool, now lil bit's hair isn't as much "work" to do. Bing's hair is 4b and heavy. Lil Bit's is maybe a 3b, so while her's is longer than her sister's it is not as thick and taked maybe half the time to. I pretty much did the same thing with her hair, only I didn't detangle prior to washing.
Although she wanted the same style as her older sister, I apologized deeply to her and told her that Bing had a big girl style and when she turned 8 she could get the same thing ( Betwixt you and I, I was not about to do all of those braids in her hair at 9 oclock at night!).

NOTE:I am posting pics of Bings hair. I should not have to say this but, * Do not steal my shit, Especially pics of girls, I swear I'll put u on blast across every muh fuggin board and get my Aunty from up inna de country to boil sum bush fi yu! *

Now, Im also posting a pic of my latest do, I had it done about two weeks ago, I am getting tired of it, but the beauty of braids is not having to do it :-)
Be easy on me, I'm on a mission to take off these 30 pounds. 200 is a good look for me, still thick just not so jelly ish
Oh, Mister brought me a Montell Williams ~emulsifier~ Health master. I am big on green smoothies and raw food. I really wanted a vita mix blender but beggers can't be choosers. It's supposed to come in about two weeks. I'll update you all on that one.
last thing, I stayed home from work today, Lil Bit has a fever, so I'll post a few things today and plan on making some earrings.

Art is good for the soul,


  1. Your hair is FIYAH!!! Bing's braids look great, that style is too cute

  2. Thank you! Im ready to take it out now, I miss playing in my fro' Do you hav a blog I can follow you on?

  3. LOL, ok, first I want to say how you crack me up. You are so real with your readers, I like that. Then I want to say how gorgeous your daughter's hair is. Simply beautiful! I wouldn't have been doing all of that on the little one either. Lastly, you are not what I consider a big person, and you talkin about losing 30 pounds. You look great! But I wish you luck on your weight loss goals. I love your hairstyle as well.

  4. Aphoghee is the shizz...

    I have breakage and shedding due to my hair drying out from working out. Then using the heat to "fix" my post workout do. I'm about to put in the two step treatment. You wash with the shampoo, put the stinky protein treatment and sit under the dryer until it hardens. Wash it out and add the mositurizing conditioner. No more shedding!

    Blah I know you gonna tell me to grow my perm out. (It's Retta btw)

  5. Lawwwd, chile. Where all dat hair come from? LOL its beautiful but I know that was a process.

  6. @carlotta, Thank you for following me! girl laughter is medicine, I plan on big dosses all the time. I don't know if your a thick n curly girl your self, but isn't amazing how u see yourself? I told Bing what you said, she said Thank you :-)

    @baltimore girl, FRO REALLY??? I've heard about the stinky aphogee treatment. I'm thinking I'm going to try it on my hair and see. proteing is super tricky on my natural hair, too much of it will have it feelin like straight straw. You can keep your crutch scaredy cat lol.

    @Butterfly Soul- Thank you for following me! please share the new found wealth!. Yes Bings hair is another job, Lil bit' is no joke either, :-)