Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

Hi crew,

This morning I ran into a neighbor, she is a very sweet woman who has a little girl Bings age. Our girls have a developed a friendship that matches mine and one of best friends. I live in a "middle class" neighbor hood. Everyone has at least two vehicles, and most houses are occupied by couples who seem "perfect". Now we all know that everything is not what it seems and looks are deceiving right? My neighbor told me about a service offered by an agency that assists with holidays. Should I have been offended by this? Maybe look at her sideways and tell her in my most snobbish voice that I am covered , thanks but no thanks?.

I didn't

I genuinely felt gratitude, I felt privileged that she would reveal a bit of her struggle to assist with any part of my life. We barely know each other and she was so humble about herself to extend assistance. Small things like this make me remember that there are good people in the world, how many of us are blessed to meet a kind hearted person randomly? She couldn't believe that I braided Bings hair, I offered to braid her daughter's hair for her. She told me she would pay me - I declined.

Crew, what are your thoughts on this? Have you any stories to share?

Revisit your blueprint everyday,

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