Monday, December 21, 2009

So Much to catch up on


I've finally come to grips with blogging. I absolutely love sharing my thoughts with my crew but I must confess, blogging about hair non stop is not for me. There is so much that I want to talk about and while I love hair in an insane type of way it is not my life. This is in no way to knock blogs that are all about hair, I could never ever do that especially since I check so many of my favorite hair blogs daily. It is more of a much needed clarification. This blog is to serve as an outlet and inlet ( is that a word?) of information. I am a bit of an intellect and love to learn about as much as possible, all while dishing my two cents on what I can give a rat's ass about. SO- moving forward I want to officially say as I said in my very first post that this blog will be about pretty much any and everything.


First up My crib.
I dislike white walls, I can't stand them. they remind me of an office, hospital, funeral homes, pretty much everywhere where I don't want to be. There's a catch to this. I don't mind entirely white rooms. white linen, furniture, fixtures, etc. I caught myself in home depot with Mister in the paint section, picking out the cutest warmest shades of almond, nutmeg, pecans. those warm gooey yummy tasting tones. I walk up to the counter with the marker thingy and asked him to get the color for me, little did I know that you have to buy the expensive paint to get the color on the marker thingy.. Me being who I am and working with the budget I have said, "oh hell no, how much for the cheap one?" This poor young man looked at me with softest eyes and said " I'm sorry, I can't get you the exact color but something close to it".

Ok, that sounds fair enough, but when I start painting guess what color is on my walls? Peach. Ugh, I'm tight right now $60 worth of sherbet flavored paint is not cool. I perservered and tried to be optimistic about it painted two hallways and my downstairs living room. I still hate it. Next pay period I'm right back at home depot.

My hair
Not much of an update with my hair. I've been faithful with my protective styling, two strand twists, then twisted up into an updo ends tucked neatly away.

side note my ish is shiny!!!

I'm feeling like I'm stuck at 6 inches, I normally don't fuss over length but I'm getting antsy. I'm trying to keep in mind that I've given myself some major trims this year ( not that that's soothing me at this point) . Ok how about this, I am not doing another length check till June. Thick gurls honor ( clap my booty twice or hope to cry). Who wants to join me on that one?


Yes again, I'm going to revisit this. It's not going anywhere et al! That's due to the fact that I haven't been doing anything! at least I'm admitting to it. I'm back on the treadmill tonight an hour at 4.5 then a ten minute run at 6.0. Three times a week at minimum, belly dance again.
Who wants to join me on that one?

I'd also like to have weekly guest bloggers. Once a week I'd like to have someone chime in with their thoughts about whatever is going on..

P.s. Here's some random pics and videos of the boy to keep you laughing. He taped this himself litterally, his sister didn't realize it was recording.

I'm staring at my stretchmarks and still thinking about doing the body image post.


  1. Hi hair twin! I felt the same way about posting only about my hair. Since I named my blog NapNatCool, I felt I could get away with talking about other stuff that affects my life. Once a person reaches that place of acceptance of her hair, hair becomes less of a issue, and a bit boring, just a bit though! ;-D Love and peace

  2. @Anna Renee, Have i told you that I adore your name :-).. Well yes, never ever to say that hair can get dull but theres so much to fuss and smile over eh?
    enjoy LIFE!